Hey there, I’m happy that you’re here – welcome to my travel blog!

I’m Patrick, a world traveler and business student from Germany. Over the last few years, I took every opportunity during my studies to travel the world. So far I’ve already been to more than 60 countries and it’s my big goal to visit every country in the world!

Let me tell you some facts about me. During my childhood, I didn’t have many opportunities to travel and there was always something that prevented any big trips. Luckily, studying business gave me many wonderful opportunities to combine study and travel. During my years at university, I went on exchange semesters to California and Mexico, volunteered Africa and completed an internship in South Korea. In addition to that, I also used my semester breaks for backpacking trips around many regions and countries, including Southeast Asia, India, a trip from Europe to Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and a journey through South America. Currently, I just graduated from my Master in Management degree focusing on digital marketing.

But enough about me, because this blog is about you! I use this website to share my travel experiences, my stories and my knowledge with you and to hopefully inspire you to pack your backpack and venture out for your next big adventure soon! I’m always happy to hear from you – so feel free to send me a message!

nuri pyramids in sudan

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